Seller Coverage Option

最多六个月, while the home is on the market, 卖家可以获得覆盖相同的家庭系统和项目(不包括rekey) ShieldEssential. No payment is due until the home closes.

注意: 在房地产交易中,当提交报价或协商房屋检查问题时,卖方保险选项可以是一个很好的谈判工具.*

Talk to your agent to learn more and get a quote.

*Coverage includes undetectable, pre-existing conditions.

Subject to a $1,500 cap during the listing period. 6个月后,经美国本土盾公司酌情审查可续期, 最长12个月.

美国家盾®房地产bet3365标准版是一项为期一年的服务协议,涵盖许多主要家庭系统组件和电器的维修或更换. 它适用于卖方(有限的上市范围)和买方通常通过他们的房地产经纪人在房地产交易的背景下.

bet3365标准版还为没有房地产交易的客户提供bet3365标准版计划. 看到 定价和计划.

Your coverage starts the day of closing, 然而, 如果房屋担保资金的支付还没有从房屋关闭过程中收到, the number of service requests may be limited.

bet3365标准版的新建筑计划提供2-5年的bet3365标准版保护,共计4年. 它也可以在新建筑完工后的第一年内随时购买.

是的. 如果您有以下一个以上的家庭系统或电器, they're included in your coverage at no additional cost.

Covered Systems/Appliances:

  • 空调 Systems
  • 加热系统
  • 电 - multiple items of hard-wired home electrical system
  • 管道——多个项目,如管道、水龙头、淋浴头、堵头等.
  • Built-in Exhaust, Attic and Whole House Fans
  • 吊扇
  • 热水器
  • Built-in Microwave Ovens
  • 洗碗机
  • 门铃
  • 垃圾处置
  • Ranges, Ovens, Cooktops
  • 车库开门器
  • Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers

Here's how our Seller Coverage Option* works:

  1. Seller chooses the home warranty plan to provide to the buyer.
  2. Seller adds on the Seller Coverage Option. This option covers the same items as the ShieldEssential plan.
  3. 当房屋在市场上销售时,卖方享有长达6个月的保险(期限可根据要求延长,并由美国家庭之盾酌情决定).
  4. Payment is not due until closing.
  5. 保证转移给买方,并在成交时生效.


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